• Types Of Clothing From Head To Toe For Women

    Pakistani clothing is a fashion world on its own. Every year we witness changes in the fashion industry, with so many changes it can be very hard to keep up with the trends. Men and women both find it difficult to keep but types of clothing for women have a broader range compared to men. Pakistani clothing for women is very complex and filled with variety. Each component of a Pakistani dress can be different. The design of the dress...

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  • Latest Bridal Dresses And Trends in Pakistan 2020-2021

    Pakistani weddings are enormous and can last for several days. Planning a wedding can start years before the wedding date. One of the biggest days in a Pakistani woman’s life is her wedding so she does her best to make it a memorable day. Most likely, the most important thing for the bride is her dress as a bridal dress is nothing less than a royal dress as it is decorated with remarkable embroidery and handwork. As the style of...

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  • Trendy Outfit Ideas For Women IN Pakistan 2020

    Pakistan has a rich history of women's dresses. Bright colors and integrate designs are the life of every Pakistani outfit. The trendy outfit ideas for women in 2020 are storming stores and the internet. Female clothing is more complex compared to male clothing due to the wide verity of selection available for women. Pakistani woman clothing is more complex than western wear as it consists of more than just a shirt and trousers. Pakistani clothing often has a larger surface...

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  • The Latest Women’s Fashion Trends In 2020

    The latest Fashion Women’s Trends in 2020 are now available at Zaaviay stores. Zaaviay is the name of Quality, which deals in different fashion categories. We know that fashion is everchanging and always brings something new to everyone. People are interested in the newest way; however, women in this regard have a particular interest in manner. Pakistani people have strong cultural traditions that mainly respond to the latest trends. Clothing always plays a vital role in our emotions and status. Whenever you visit...

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  • Zaaviay Aaina Cotton Silk Dresses

    Buy Zaaviay Aaina Cotton Silk Suit with Chanderi Dupatta Collection 2020. Hand-embroidered Ready to Wear Cotton Silk Clothing Pakistan is best known for its women's dresses. Summer is here and so is the summer collection from Zaaviay. Finally, everyone can buy their desired clothing through Zaaviay Aaina. Anyone can beat the summer heat and look fabulous while doing it. Aaina is one of the finest summer collection available in Pakistan.  With technology constantly advancing in Pakistan, the mass production of...

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