Fatima Hasan

Founder & CEO

Fatima Hasan, founder and CEO of Zaaviay has a strong passion for fashion and love for Pakistan’s traditional craft with sensitivity to Pakistani culture. She has over 15 years of work experience in the national and multinational corporate sector. Fatima has an MBA from IBA and another MBA from IMD, Switzerland.

Fatima envisioned Zaaviay as an affordable women luxury brand that embodies elegance, accessibility and unique perspectives. Zaaviay is inspired by Pakistan’s art, culture, craftsmanship and inclusivity. The brand embodies her personal style and sensibility which she brings to life with her qualified and experienced team of designers and seasoned craftsmen.








Ramsha Naseem

Senior Designer, Bridal Couture

A screen print and embroidery enthusiast with a Bachelor's degree from Asian Institute Of Fashion Design. Ramsha is a senior member in the team with strong eye for details and plays a pivotal role in the bridal team. She is a music lover and an avid reader.






Khizra Zahid


Khizra has a Bachelors in textile designing from University of Karachi with majors in weave and print design. She has strong sketching skills and an eye for design, embroidery and layouts. She is passionate about water color painting.







Zahra Behram


Zahra graduated from Asian Institute Of Fashion Design with a print and embroidery major. Her design skills and strong aesthetic sense makes her a very dedicated designer with her creative flair and artistic ability. Zahra is a self-taught artist and also has a passion for photography.






Arzum Omar


Arzum graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, as a print design major. Arzum has a strong sense of colour and eye for detailing. Her highly developed sketching skills add innovation and creativity to the luxury pret team. She is a cycling enthusiast.







Aneeqa Imran sheikh


Aneeqa is a fashion designer, graduated from Indus Valley school of Art and Architecture. Her forte is research and concept development. She expresses her ideas best through fabric manipulation, pattern making and designing silhouettes. She likes to write.






Subata Karim


Subata Karim is a fashion designer, graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture with expertise in pattern making, fabric manipulation and draping. She applies her knowledge and aesthetics in her designs in the bridal couture team. She is an avid reader and has keen interest in documentaries.






Muhammad Arif

Senior Computer Aided Designer CAD

Muhammad Arif has over 30 years of experience in CAD for screen and digital printing and has worked with leading fashion house of Pakistan. Muhammad Arif is a core member of the design team. He is an avid reader of Islamic studies.









Shiraz Salim

General Manager Operations


Shiraz is a fashion designer with a bachelors degree in fashion designing and an MBA. He has over 13 years of experience working with leading brands. He is an able designer and a hardcore production professional with  expertise in complete supply chain management and cut-to-pack operating methodology. He is a foodie and travelling enthusiast.






M.Hassan Farooqui

Manager Logistics

Hassan is a Bachelor from SIMT University of Karachi, Pakistan with a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce. He and his team, relentlessly supervises the movement and distribution of stock to ensure timely delivery to Zaaviay’s valued customers.  He is a foodie, movie buff and a traveler.








Zaeem Ahmed

Chief Financial Officer

Zaeem has an MBA from Iqra University and has over 10 years of experience in Finance and Accounting from various reputed organizations. Zaeem and his team play a pivotal role in planning, budgeting and financial risk management. He has strong knowledge of the Country’s regulatory framework including taxation and corporate law. He ensures that Zaaviay strictly operates within the regulatory framework laid down by the Government of Pakistan. He is a passionate cricketer and an avid reader.







Ramsha Zohaib

Head of Sales

Ramsha is a graduate from Karachi University in international relations. She is an experienced professional with substantial experience in sales and client management. Her experience and consumer understanding provide Zaaviay with a cutting edge advantage in client acquisition and retention. Ramsha manages a team to ensure ultimate client satisfaction. She is a movie buff and a music lover.







Hassan Tahir

Head Of Information Technology

Hassan has a BS in Computer Sciences. He has over 5 year of experience in Software, Networking and Ecommerce. He is a passionate developer who manages Ecommerce team and ensures consistent delivery of services through Zaaviay's Ecommerce platform. He is also a professional gamer.








Rabia Uzair

Director Research and Content Creation

Graduated from Greenwich University, she has 5 years of work experience in the broadcasting industry. Rabia is responsible to carry out various research projects relating to Zaaviay's future expansion . Her experience of media substantially influences creation and execution of content on social media. Rabia has a strong insight of fashion, she is also a freelance designer.






Sara Rashid

Head Of Digital Marketing and Visual Merchandising

Sara Rashid has a Bachelors in Fashion Design and Masters in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising from Asian Institute of Fashion Design. Sara is an experienced professional. In addition to her direct responsibilities she provides support to the design, ecommerce and retail outlet team through her experience in fashion trends and consumer insights. Sara likes to travel and is also an active fashion blogger.







Asghar Javed

Sr Graphic Designer and Content Creator

Asghar has a Bachelors in computer science and a diploma in graphic designing with various international certifications in his field. He has substantial experience in graphic designing and content creation both in Pakistan and overseas. He is passionate about fashion photography and is a gaming enthusiast.



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