• Best Picks From Zaaviay's Winter Pret 2020

    Are you running out of winter clothing? Have you worn all your dresses and can’t figure out what to buy or wear? With winter not going anywhere anytime soon, you are not done with your online winter shopping. Zaaviay isn’t done either as they bring you their new Linen Winter Collection. It is a modern take on Pakistani traditional clothing. This brand is all about expressing modern fashion without losing its traditional roots. Just like their previous hit collections, this...

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  • Pakistani Pants And Dupattas By Zaaviay

    Your wardrobe may be filled with countless amount of shirts and kurtis but it may be lacking in dupattas and pants for women. It’s time to up your pant and dupatta game. But how? With a pandemic going on, everyone is avoiding to go out and buy even the fundamental things. So how can you buy the best Pakistani pajamas and dupattas from the comfort of your home? Well, the answer is pretty simple, just get on your browser and...

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  • Year End Special Offers by Zaaviay

    Pakistani clothing getting recognition from all over the world. These clothing bring forth some amazing embroidery and eye-pleasing colors. The possibility of matching these outfits with one and the other is so vast that one can get confused easily within the world of matching Pakistani clothing. Unlike other clothing, Pakistani suits have various styles so dressing up in them can be rather addictive. No matter how good you are at dressing up, we all have trouble selecting a good suit...

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  • Soughaat Winter Collection By Zaaviay

    Your personality is defined by what you choose to wear. In today’s day and age, Pakistani women are trying their best to define themselves to show people where they stand in the fashion universe. Enthusiastic fashion lovers are always on the lookout for brands that have versatility and flare. Every woman in Pakistan loves her Kurtis as they play an important role in building their aesthetics. Soughaat is a new line of clothing by Zaaviay which contains the most elegant...

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  • Zaaviay’s Winter RTW Wedding and Embroidered Dresses

    Anna Wintour once said: “You either know fashion or you don’t.” So, which kind are you? Well if you are reading through this article then you might have a passion for fashion. It feels like winter came faster than ever this year, why does time fly so fast when you are scrolling through your favorite fashion magazine? Oh well, winter means a wardrobe makeover! When it comes to Pakistani dresses, there are so many different types of dresses to choose...

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