• This Summer Rock Floral

    It is officially time to start planning out your spring and summer looks for 2019, and there is one sure way to make any wallflower bloom: a bold print! If we were to pick one trend which screams summer, it is bound to be floral. This summer, flamboyant and colorful retro prints have collided head-on with dainty rose patterns for a season where anything goes as long as it is budding. Whether you want to make a splash or just...

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  • The Curious Case of Cuts

    Have you thought about how to have your outfits for summer 2019 designed yet? Well, this time summer is all about different cuts. Be it shirts, sleeves or trousers trendy cuts are the statement of the season. Summer 2019 trends in the world of glitz and glam have a very long list of trends ranging from everyday basics to luxury and Formal Pakistani Attires. Fashion this year is all about comfortable yet stylish clothes which include idiosyncratic yet fun designs,...

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  • Screen Printing is The New News

    Screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques involving the use of customised stencils and forcing coloured inks through a fine mesh in order to create images and color blocks. This technique is widely used within the fashion industry, and for 2019, screen printing will continue to dominate! We have come up with a list of Pakistani Screen Printed Fashion Trends which we’re bound to see in 2019. Floral Screen Printed Retro Look Pretty flowers, intricate leaves, and...

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