• Bagh-e-Makhmal By Zaaviay

    The year comes to an end and we bid it farewell and greet the short cold days of winter. Short days and long cold nights cause for an addition in the wardrobe. Above all, winter is just another excuse for us fashion lovers to come up with exciting new outfits for others to gazes upon. Fleece, flannel, wool, and Velvet Clothing fill up the shelves of clothing brands. We all want to make others envious of our superior sense of...

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  • Zaaviay's New Zehnaseeb Heavy Formal Dresses

    Pakistani weddings are celebrated in a very traditional and cultural way. Most weddings are prolonged for a week, and the couple's friends and family enjoy the wedding events. Everyone wants to celebrate the event differently. Women have a special feeling for wedding events. They warmly participate in each occasion. Women are usually compassionate about Wearing Hand Embroidered Dresses. They are very conscious about the selection of dresses especially for weddings. They want to look modern and stylish but still in...

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  • Zaaviay's Gehna Collection 2020

    In Pakistan, weddings are celebrated with pride and joy and the bride and groom's families enjoy and interact. Weddings are celebrated in a happy tone to make the day unique and memorable for the new couple. Zaaviay wants every women to feel special and introduced new fantastic range of bridal dresses named Gehna Collection. This collection will make your memories unforgettable with elegant chic style traditional wedding dresses. In Pakistan, different events are celebrated at weddings. The perfect thing about Zaaviay...

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  • Zaaviay Bridal Couture “ZEHNASEEB”

    Zaaviay as an affordable Women Luxury Clothing Brand that embodies elegance, accessibility and unique perspectives. Zaaviay is inspired by Pakistani art, culture, craftsmanship and inclusivity. It is primarily an online store started in July 2019 with first store opened in Karachi in Feb 2020. Zaaviay launches its Bridal Couture Zehnaseeb which narrates the tales of our eastern heritage encompassing modernity and tradition, exquisitely handcrafted with rich craftsmanship bringing together quintessential outfits for the bride. The collection is crafted with zardozi...

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  • Types Of Clothing From Head To Toe For Women

    Pakistani clothing is a fashion world on its own. Every year we witness changes in the fashion industry, with so many changes it can be very hard to keep up with the trends. Men and women both find it difficult to keep but types of clothing for women have a broader range compared to men. Pakistani clothing for women is very complex and filled with variety. Each component of a Pakistani dress can be different. The design of the dress...

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